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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Heat your home with energy from the ground.

Ground source heat pumps use loops of pipes to extract heat from the ground which can be used for home heating and hot water. The heat pump circulates a mixture of glycol and water around the loop absorbing heat from the ground and converting it to usable energy by the heat pump. A metre or so below, the ground stays at a fairly constant temperature so can provide heat even in the middle of winter.

The length of the ground loop is relative to the size of the heat pump and is usually buried in the garden in a simple loop. If ground space is limited pipes can be drilled vertically into bore holes.

A ground source heat pump is a very energy efficient way of providing heat and hot water, an efficiency of 400% can be provided, meaning for every 1kw of electricity used 4kw of heat is produced. Generally significantly reducing emissions and cutting fuel bills.

  • Often referred to as a 'fit and forget technology' heats pumps require very little maintenance
  • Require no regular fuel deliveries or safety inspection
  • Heat pumps are eligible for the governments renewable heat incentive (RHI) and the one off “renewable premium payment”. For more information please visit the Renewable Heat Incentive website.
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