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Solar Thermal

Heat your water with energy from the sun

The idea of harnessing the power of the sun as a renewable energy source is an attractive prospect. Even in the uk’s climate and on a cloudy day the solar panels are capable of absorbing ultra violet rays from the sun. The solar panels will work in conjunction with another heat source i.e grounds source heat pump or gas boiler to provide hot water. During summer months the solar will be generally adequate enough for an average family by itself.

  • Using solar has a positive effect on the environment by reducing the use of non- renewable energy sources to heat water, such as gas, oil and coal.
  • By installing solar panels you can expect to significantly reduce your energy consumption.
  • Solar is a safe and reliable source of energy
  • Solar thermal is also eligible for the renewable heat incentive and the “renewable premium payment”. For more information please visit the Renewable Heat Incentive website.
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